Precast Concrete Products, Perth

Leading manufacturers and suppliers of precast concrete products

Hills Concrete has been operating since 1963 as an established manufacturer and supplier of precast concrete products in Perth. In our years of operation our company has built a solid reputation for quality, service and reliability. As a family-owned business, we employ around 20 people between our two factories in Northam and Moora.

We manufacture and supply above and below-ground water storage in the form of precast concrete water tanks and troughs. We are trusted suppliers to the mining, building, adm agricultural industries, as well as to domestic residences seeking water storage solutions. We are also the only manufacturer and supplier of below-ground precast concrete water tanks in the market.


At Hills Concrete we manufacture above and below ground quality precast concrete water tanks in a variety of sizes, ranging from 2,750L all the way up to 245,000L. We’ve been manufacturing concrete tanks of all descriptions, including concrete septic tanks and concrete rainwater tanks, since 1963. We are able to supply a tank to suit your requirements, no matter what size your project may be. Our tanks are built to last.


We manufacture robust, practical concrete water troughs that are tough, reliable and simple to use for all types of livestock, whether it be for horses, cattle or sheep. Our range of concrete water troughs comes in different shapes and sizes, and built using the strongest concrete and expert craftsmanship, to suit a variety of practical and decorative needs.

Other Products

Apart from our troughs and tanks, we also manufacture a range of other products, such as Shed Dividers, Ramps, Fertilizer Sheds, Stock Grids,  and Leach Drain Systems. All are made of the highest quality, and are built to last for decades, ensuring you get great and long-lasting use from our products.

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